Texas Residency

TEXAS RESIDENCY STARTS WITH Campus and Central Properties

Are you looking to establish in-state residency at the University of Texas Austin or any Texas public university? Campus and Central Properties have 20 years of expertise as Texas Residency specialists, assisting out-of-state families in obtaining Texas residency. This qualification allows you to benefit from in-state tuition, potentially saving over $100,000. Our services encompass guiding you through the process of fulfilling the requirements and managing the necessary steps for the successful establishment of Texas residency for your student.

Campus and Central Properties is the leader in UT Austin* area property sales and management. We help you find a property and coordinate closing in time to meet TX state residency requirements. Most importantly, to make the process as easy as possible we offer the option to continue working with you post-purchase to manage your property, making us a one stop shop!


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