Property Management

MANAGING YOUR PROPERTY. Efficient management is essential to the profitable operation of any rental property. Some investors prefer to manage their property themselves. Others have neither the ability nor the inclination for self-management and turn the responsibility over to a professional management agency like Campus and Central Properties.

Important factors in considering whether or not to hire professional management:

CONVENIENCE. Are you willing to do what it is necessary (when it is necessary) to manage the property yourself?

LOCATION. Is the property close enough to you to be managed properly?

TIME. Do you have the time required to manage the property effectively?

COST. If you choose professional management, will the property financially support the management fee?

In selecting a professional management company, it’s wise to evaluate the firm’s skills in negotiation, marketing and maintenance. At Campus and Central Properties we have the proper training to manage, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve as an investor.

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